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TSURINOYA 90mm 23g Topwater Popper Fishing Lure DASHER 90F Bubble Artificial Hard Baits High Strength Saltwater Fishing Tackle

90F, A versatile popper that can easily achieve outstanding flight distance and also possible to make a strong appeal while creating white foam streaks in the water.Awaken the instinct of predators!

Product Feature:
1. The key is “bubbles”: Water enters from the water intake provided at the top of the cup mixes with air inside the body and blows out from the spout on the back while generating fine bubbles
Efficiently inhale more air, and as much water as efficiently as possible, not only in the front but also around the cup
2. Strong Appeal: 90F generates more bubbles by taking in more water. At the same time, drawing glittering bubbles on the trajectory of the lure’s swimming, it enhances the appeal in the water
3. Integrated Penetrating Steel Wire : Since it is equipped with a penetrating wire,even if a large fish hits, you can fight with confidence
4. Outstanding flight distance and moderate splash, Casting Distance Max 60m
5. It is a specification that you can use hard even on rough rock shore
6. It is also possible to make a strong appeal while creating white foam streaks and constantly refracts light in the water
7. Saltwater Hooks, Good penetration and anti-corrosion performance, it does not give the fish any chance of escape. The abdominal hook is 3#, and the tail hook is 2#. Designed for stable popping by enlarging the tail hook

Product Deatil:
1. Type: Topwater popper fishing lure
2. Model: 23g
3. Length: 90mm
4. Weight: 23g
5. Range: Topwater
6. Hooks: #3*1 #2*1
7. Color: 10


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Tsurinoya 90F

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