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200mm/50g – The Evolures Zargana is no ordinary diving pencil, or a simple popper lure. It is a radical, innovative artificial bait with a lot of potential and plenty of fishing applications.
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The Evolures Zargana is no ordinary diving pencil, or a simple popper lure. It is a radical, innovative artificial bait with a lot of potential and plenty of fishing applications. It has been designed and tested to catch fish. That’s it. Nothing less.

The Evolures Zargana is now available in the 200mm size, at 50 gr. Now with a more aggressive look, more exciting features, the Zargana 200LCF is bigger and heavier. The design of its body has been based on the anatomy of a very common species, known around the world as Belone, Ballyhoo, Needle Fish, or Sayori. It has been proven after extensive testing in real conditions by the Evolures team that the Zargana 200 is a top performance lure.

The new lure has been upgraded with numerous important features, but maintains the same swimming action, as the original first model Evolures Zargana 150F.

One of the areas in which Evolures invested countless hours, is the casting properties of the new Zargana. By incorporating a casting system of four tungsten spheres, this weight distribution resembles that of minnow type lures. It must be for the first time in lure history that a long pencil-popper has this feature incorporated in its design. The Evolures Zargana is also equipped with the innovative HFRSS (High Frequency Rattle Sound System) that uses high pitch sound to attract fish.

Some smaller, but equally important upgrades are the fish gills and scales, that now resemble those of a natural needle fish. The new Snow White color, has aggressive, red eyes.

After extensive testing and fine tuning the Zargana 200LCF achieves long distances, cast accurately easily and swims in a provocative manner. Its 50 gr make this an one of a kind top water lure, with a very unique shape, that pops, splashes, dives, walks the dog and in general performs anyway you want it to. The simplest way to use the Evolures Zargana is the popping​ technique.​ Cast the lure and let it float in a perfectly balanced, horizontal position. This way it’s body shape and size can be easily viewed from the bottom, by predators.

The only thing you need to do is to begin retrieve with soft, sharp twitches and reel it in to your direction. If you possess a reel with a fast Gear Ratio and turn the handle quickly, the Evolures Zargana will start popping on the surface without even moving the tip of your rod. To fully explore its potential it is suggested to use a moderate fast, or fast spinning rod, 3 meters long, with a Casting Weight between 20 and 70 gr. Use P.E. line #1.5 to #2 and a high gear reel.

If you are a spinning shore angler and aim for large Seabass in shallow waters, try a slow retrieve. During a slow retrieve this lure will mimic a fish, that looks like an easy, relaxed, care free prey. You will also notice the smooth move of the tail that leaves on the water behind a V mark, another effect that lures Seabass.

If on the other hand you are targeting big game species from the boat, or the shore, cast the Zargana and retrieve at a fast pace. This lure will swim in an evasive manner, with wobbling moves and a simultaneous drop of the tail 5 to 10 cm under the surface. A bubbly trail is left behind, teasing the appetite of predators.

In case trolling is your preferred way of fishing, you can use the Evolures Zargana 200LCF in the open sea, in speed between 3 and 4 knots.

Technical Characteristics

  • Weight: 50 gr
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Hook: #1/0
  • Model: Diving Pencil Popper
  • Split Rings: #5
  • Available Colors: Yellow Tail, Sardine, Clear Sayori, Pink Lady, Blue Dorado, Snow White


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Snow White, Sardine, Clear Sayori, Pink Lady, Blue Dorado, Yellow Tail

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Evolures Zargana 200 LCF

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